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Family and Private Life 244 The Private Life and the Public Good in Art 245 Topic Practice Questions 250
Topic 4.6 Enlightened and Other Approaches to Power 252 Essential Question: How were political power and religious toleration influenced
by Enlightenment thought from 1648 to 1815?
Challenges to Absolutism 252 18th-Century Monarchs 254 A New Toleration 256 Historical Perspectives: What Led to Religious Toleration? 258 Topic Practice Questions 259
Topic 4.7 Causation in the Age of the Scientific Revolution
and the Enlightenment 261
Essential Question: How and why did the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment challenge the existing European order and understanding of the world?
Questions About Causation 262
UNIT 4—Review 263 Write as a Historian: Structure the Essay 263 Long Essay Questions 264 Document-Based Question 264
Topic 5.1 Contextualizing 18th-Century States 269 Essential Question: What was the context in which European states experienced
crisis and conflict in the 18th century?
Analyze the Context 270
Topic 5.2 The Rise of Global Markets 271 Essential Question: What were the causes and consequences of European
maritime competition from 1648 to 1815?
European Competition and Commerce
Rivalries in the East Indies 271 The Costs of Wealth 272 Topic Practice Questions 274
Topic 5.3 Britain’s Ascendency 277 Essential Question: What were the economic and political consequences of the
rivalry between Britain and France from 1648 to 1815?
Rivalry Between England and France 277 British and French Rivalry in North America 280 Topic Practice Questions 282
Topic 5.4 The French Revolution 284 Essential Question: What were the causes, events, and consequences of the
French Revolution?
Causes of the French Revolution 284 The Liberal Phase of the Revolution 288
The Radical Revolution 291 Revolutionary Armies and Mass Conscription 292
 UNIT 5 — Conflict, Crisis, and Reaction in the Late 18th Century c. 1648 to c. 1815

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