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Women in the French Revolution 292 The End of the Reign of Terror 293 Topic Practice Questions 295
Topic 5.5 The French Revolution’s Effects 297 Essential Question: How did the events and developments of the French
Revolution influence political and social ideas from 1789 to 1815?
The Revolution Outside of France 297 Opponents of the French Revolution 299 Topic Practice Questions 300
Topic 5.6 Napoleon’s Rise, Dominance, and Defeat 302 Essential Question: What were the effects of Napoleon’s rule on European
social, economic, and political life?
Essential Question: What were the nationalist responses in Europe to
Napoleon’s rule?
Napoleon’s Rise to Power 302 First Consul and Emperor 303 The Napoleonic Wars 305 Nationalistic Responses 306 Historical Perspectives: Was Napoleon Heroic? 309 Topic Practice Questions 310
Topic 5.7 The Congress of Vienna 313 Essential Question: How did states respond to Napoleonic rule in Europe, and
what were the consequences of these responses?
The Treaties of Chaumont and Paris 313 The Congress Convenes 313 The Final Act 315 Topic Practice Questions 316
Topic 5.8 Romanticism 318 Essential Question: How and why did the Romantic Movement and religious
revival challenge Enlightenment thought from 1648 to 1815?
The Revival of Public Emotion 318 The Romantic Movement 319 A New Religious Revival 319 Nationalism and Mass Uprisings 321 Topic Practice Questions 322
Topic 5.9 Continuity and Change in 18th-Century States 324 Essential Question: How did the developments and challenges to Europe’s
political order result in change from 1648 to 1815?
Questions About Continuity and Change 325
UNIT 5—Review 326 Write as a Historian: Conclude the Essay 326 Long Essay Questions 327 Document-Based Question 328

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