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 UNIT 6 — Industrialization and Its Effects c. 1815 to c. 1914
Topic 6.1 Contextualizing Industrialization and Its Origins and Effects 332 Essential Question: What was the context in which industrialization originated, developed, and spread in Europe?
Analyze the Context 333
Topic 6.2 The Spread of Industry Throughout Europe 334 Essential Question: What were the factors that influenced the development of industrialization in various parts of Europe from 1815 to 1860?
Great Britain’s Industrial Dominance 334 Political Power and Social Class 339 Industrialization on the Continent 341 Nonindustrialized Europe 343 Topic Practice Questions 346
Topic 6.3 Second Wave Industrialization and Its Effects 348 Essential Question: How did innovations and advances in technology during the Industrial Revolution lead to economic and social changes?
The Second Industrial Revolution, 1870–1914 348 Managing Markets 352 Rise of Consumerism 354 Industrialization in Prussia 355 Topic Practice Questions 357
Topic 6.4 Social Effects of Industrialization 359 Essential Question: What were the causes and consequences of social
developments resulting from industrialization?
Rise of New Social Classes 359 Population Growth and Urbanization 362 Family Structure and Relationships 365 Middle-Class Families Become the Social Ideal 366 Historical Perspectives: How Did the Idea of Progress Develop? 370 Topic Practice Questions 371
Topic 6.5 The Concert of Europe and European Conservatism 373 Essential Question: How was European political order reestablished and
maintained in the period following Napoleon’s defeat?
Conservatism and the Status Quo 373 Conservatives Reestablish Control 374 Topic Practice Questions 377
Topic 6.6 Reactions and Revolutions 379 Essential Question: How and why did various groups react against the existing
order from 1815 to 1914?
Revolutionaries Battle the Status Quo 379 Revolutions, War, and Reform 381 Topic Practice Questions 386
Topic 6.7 Ideologies of Change and Reform Movements 388 Essential Question: How and why did different intellectual developments
challenge the political and social order from 1815 to 1914?
The Emergence of New Ideologies 388 Alternatives to Capitalism 392

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