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Topic 8.8 World War II 540 Essential Question: How did technology and innovation affect the course of
World War II and the 20th century?
World War II Begins 540 Path to the Allied Victory 542 The Technology of Industrial Warfare 545 Topic Practice Questions 546
Topic 8.9 The Holocaust 548 Essential Question: How and why were cultural and national identities affected
by war and the rise of fascist/totalitarian powers from 1914 to the present?
Nazi Persecution Intensifies 548 Wannsee Conference and the Final Solution 549 Topic Practice Questions 551
Topic 8.10 20th-Century Cultural, Intellectual, and
Artistic Developments 553
Essential Question: How did the events of the first half of the 20th century challenge existing social, cultural, and intellectual understandings?
Challenges to the Belief in Progress 553 Women’s Lives Transformed 555 World War I’s Effects on Society 557 Topic Practice Questions 558
Topic 8.11 Continuity and Change in an Age of Global Conflict 560 Essential Question: How did Europe’s economic challenges and ideological
beliefs during the 20th century influence prior conceptions about the
relationship between the individual and state?
Questions About Continuity and Change 561
UNIT 8—Review 562 Write as a Historian: Mark Historical Changes 562 Long Essay Questions 563 Document-Based Question 564
UNIT 9 — Cold War and Contemporary Europe c. 1914 to Present
Topic 9.1 Contextualizing Cold War and Contemporary Europe 569 Essential Question: What was the context in which the Cold War developed,
spread, and ended in Europe?
Analyze the Context 570
Topic 9.2 Rebuilding Europe 571 Essential Question: How did postwar developments result in economic changes
after World War II?
Devastation and Recovery 571 Economic Growth and the Welfare State 573 Topic Practice Questions 575
Topic 9.3 The Cold War 577 Essential Question: How did the conflict between the United States and the
Soviet Union play out in global politics?
The Division of Europe 577 The Cold War on a Global Stage 578 Topic Practice Questions 583

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