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Topic 9.11 Migration and Immigration 634 Essential Question: What have been the causes and effects of changes
to migration within, and immigration to, Europe from the end of World
War II to the present?
Immigration and Religion 634 Immigrants as Targets 636 Topic Practice Questions 637
Topic 9.12 Technology 639 Essential Question: How have innovations and advances in technology influenced cultural and intellectual developments from 1914 to the present?
The Benefits and Costs of Science and Technology 639 Topic Practice Questions 642
Topic 9.13 Globalization 645 Essential Question: What have been the technological and cultural causes of increasing European globalization from 1914 to the present?
Consumer Culture 645 New Voices in Society 646 Topic Practice Questions 648
Topic 9.14 20th- and 21st-Century Culture, Art, and
Demographic Trends 650
Essential Question: How and why has European culture changed from the end of World War II to the present?
Challenges to Reason from New Philosophies 650 Modern Challenges to Religion 652 Experimentation and Subjectivity in the Arts 653 American Cultural Influences 658 Political and Social Movements 659 Topic Practice Questions 662
Topic 9.15 Continuity and Change in the 20th and 21st Centuries 664 Learning Objective: How did the challenges of the 20th century influence what it means to be European?
Questions About Continuity and Change 665
UNIT 9—Review 666 Write as a Historian: Organize an Essay 666 Long Essay Questions 667 Document-Based Question 667
Practice Exam 672 Index 701

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