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 Source: Wikimedia Commons
In School of Athens (painted c. 1510–1511), Raphael created an image of almost perfect balance. The viewer’s eye tends to go to the two central figures, the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle.
Architecture of the Italian Renaissance
Unlike architects of later periods, Italian Renaissance architects often excelled in many subjects besides architecture. Many modern buildings have features that echo the design of structures from this artistic period.
Leon Battista Alberti Mathematics fascinated Leon Battista Alberti. His book On Painting transformed visual arts in Italy because it explained how to make a two-dimensional image look three-dimensional.
Alberti was also a skilled architect. He looked to classical architecture for inspiration, just as he looked to classical literature to inspire him in his writing. He designed Santa Maria Novella, which still stands in Florence. The front of the building mimics ancient Roman temples.
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Alberti’s creation, Santa Maria Novella (left), has similar elements to classical Roman temples (right).

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