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UNIT 1—Renaissance and Exploration c. 1450 to c. 1648
 Topic 1.1 Contextualizing Renaissance and Discovery 1 Essential Question: What was the context for the development of the Renaissance
and Age of Discovery?
Analyze the Context 2
Topic 1.2 Italian Renaissance 3 Essential Question: How did the revival of classical texts contribute to the development of the Italian Renaissance?
Essential Question: What were the political, intellectual, and cultural effects of the Italian Renaissance?
Revived Interest in the Classical World 3 Renaissance Ideas in the Visual Arts 8 Topic Practice Questions 13
Topic 1.3 Northern Renaissance 15 Essential Question: How were Renaissance ideas developed, maintained, and
changed as the Renaissance spread to northern Europe?
Visual Arts in the Northern Renaissance 15 Christian Humanists Seek Religious Reform 17 Topic Practice Questions 18
Topic 1.4 Printing 20 Essential Question: What influence did the printing press have on cultural and intellectual developments in modern European history?
The Printing Press Revolution 20 Topic Practice Questions 23
Topic 1.5 New Monarchies 25 Essential Question: What were the causes and effects of the development of
political institutions between 1450 and 1648?
State Power and Religion 25 The Emergence of New Monarchies 28 Merchants, Lawyers, and Nobles Increase Power 30 Secular Political Theories 31 Topic Practice Questions 33
Topic 1.6 Technological Advances and the Age of Exploration 35 Essential Question: What were the technological factors that contributed to
European exploration and expansion from 1450 to 1648?
Essential Question: What were the motivations and effects of European
exploration and expansion from 1450 to 1648?
Motives for Exploration 35 Exploration and Advances in Knowledge 38 Topic Practice Questions 39
Topic 1.7 Rivals on the World Stage 41 Essential Question: How and why did trading networks and colonial expansion
affect relations among European states?

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