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Topic 2.3 Protestant Reform Continues 97 Essential Question: How and why did religious beliefs and practices change
from 1450 to 1648?
The Printing Press Spreads Reformation Ideas 97 Religious Challenges to Monarchical Power 98 Topic Practice Questions 100
Topic 2.4 Wars of Religion 102 Essential Question: How did religious and political factors influence each other
from 1450 to 1648?
Conflicts Among Religious Groups 102 The French Wars of Religion 102 The Habsburg Dynasty 104 The Thirty Years’ War 106 Topic Practice Questions 108
Topic 2.5 The Catholic Reformation 111 Essential Question: What are the continuities and changes in the role of the
Catholic Church from 1450 to 1648?
Division Among European Christians 111 The Catholic Reformation Revives the Church 111 Topic Practice Questions 113
Topic 2.6 16th-Century Society and Politics 116 Essential Question: How did economic and intellectual developments from
1450 to 1648 affect social norms and hierarchies?
16th-Century Families and Households 116 Established Hierarchies 117 Women’s Intellect and Education 119 Marriage and Childbirth 120 Persistence of Folk Ideas 121 Enforcement of Communal Norms 122 Topic Practice Questions 125
Topic 2.7 Art of the 16th Century: Mannerism and Baroque Art 128 Essential Question: How and why did artistic expression change from
1450 to 1648?
Mannerist and Baroque Artists 128 Topic Practice Questions 132
Topic 2.8 Causation in the Age of Reformation and the Wars of Religion 134 Essential Question: How did the religious, political, and cultural developments
of the 16th and 17th centuries affect European society?
Questions About Causation 135
UNIT 2—Review 136 Write as a Historian: Use Evidence 136 Long Essay Questions 137 Document-Based Question 137

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