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Our Occupational Therapist
Aimee Piller, PhD, OTR/L is a pediatric occupational therapist and owner of Piller Child Development, LLC, a pediatric therapy clinic located in Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Piller graduated summa cum laude with her bachelor’s degree in elementary education from York College in York, Nebraska, her masters in occupational therapy from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and her doctor of philosophy in occupational therapy from Texas Woman’s University in Denton, Texas.
Dr. Piller specializes in sensory integration treatment and is certified in sensory integration and the administration of the Sensory Integration and Praxis Test (SIPT). She is also a certified Therapeutic Listening provider and Interactive Metronome provider. She is trained in neurodevelopmental treatment techniques for children and infants and feeding therapy using a holistic, child centered approach. Dr. Piller’s practice focuses on working with children with a variety of developmental and motor delays, including children with handwriting difficulties.
Dr. Piller’s research is focused on children with autism spectrum disorder and sensory processing difficulty and the impact of occupational therapy to improve motor skills and participation as well as the collaborative relationship between occupational therapy and speech therapy. She is passionate about working with children and the relationship between sensory integration and learning. She believes that all children should have the opportunity to learn and grow and become independent in their environments.
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Anita Craig
Kindergarten teacher Academic Center
Prairie Hills School District Markham, IL
Lauren Donelson
Intervention teacher
PS7 Elementary School
St. Hope Public School District Sacramento, CA
Janie Ephland
Literacy coach
Fort Worth Independent School District Fort Worth, TX
Kay Iandoli
First-grade teacher
Ginnings Elementary
Denton Independent School District Denton, TX
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Amanda Jones
Third-grade teacher
Mt. Vernon Elementary School
Mt. Vernon Independent School District Mt. Vernon, TX
Shelli Miller
First-grade teacher
Cessna Elementary School Wichita Public School District Wichita, KS
Sebria Mitchell
Second-grade teacher
Jackson Elementary School
Tyler Independent School District Tyler, TX
Linnea Patrick
Third-grade teacher
Brunson Elementary School Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School District
Winston-Salem, NC
Mariana Salazar
Second-grade bilingual teacher
Club Hill Elementary School Garland Independent School District Garland, TX
Cheryl Thrasher
Third-grade teacher
Everett Elementary
North Lamar Independent School District Paris, TX
Jennifer Willden
Third-grade teacher
Hugh Gallagher Elementary School Storey County School District Virginia City, NV
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