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   Personal Narrative
A personal narrative is a story you write about yourself. Choose one of the ideas and write a personal narrative. Use your best cursive. Don’t forget a title.
• Write about your best birthday ever. Why was it so special?
• Write a story about the job you hope to have someday. Why do you think
you would be good at this job?
• Write about a time when you taught someone else how to do something.
How did you feel after helping him or her?
• Write about a time when someone made you feel special. What did he or
she say to you?
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• Together, read the information in the colored box at the top of the lesson.
• Read the directions and the choices listed together.
• Encourage students to spend some time thinking about what they
are going to write. Have them use another sheet of paper to write and then organize notes before they begin. Circulate and offer assistance as needed.
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