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                                     A hinkety-pinkety is a pair of three-syllable rhyming words.
Clue: vampire’s shoulder blade Hinkety-Pinkety: dracula scapula
 Use the words in the box to write the hinkety-pinkety to match each clue. Use manuscript, or printing, to write your answers. You will not use all of the words.
 lottery conviction relevant percussion skeleton
a talk about drums
wealthy person’s dishes
news of an arrest
deerlike fruit
dishes sweepstakes
bony dessert
significant mammal
antelope battery vanilla discussion bungalow
dinnerware umbrella cantaloupe gelatin millionaire
prediction elephant buffalo pottery injury
             small home for a wild ox
            flavored protection against the rain
    Choose the two words that you haven’t used. Write a clue for your own hinkety-pinkety.
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