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  If you write with your RIGHT hand . . .
 Hold your pencil like this.
Pull the pencil toward you when you write.
Slant your paper.
Hold it with your left hand.
Place your feet on the floor.
Sit tall.
• After you have gone through each of the guidelines, ask children to put down their pencils and relax. Then have them resume proper body position and pencil grip as you circulate to check.
• As you work through the handwriting book with children, always begin each lesson with a reminder to assume the correct body position and pencil grip.
Handwriting Connection
Right and Left
Recite the following and model as children follow along to practice right and left.
This is my right hand; hold it up high.
This is my left hand; I’ll touch the sky. Right hand, left hand; twirl them around. Left hand, right hand; pound, pound, pound. This is my right foot; tap, tap, tap.
This is my left foot; pat, pat, pat. Right foot, left foot; run, run, run.
Left foot, right foot: jump, jump, jump.
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