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     Practice Masters
  Circle Lines
We use circle lines to make letters. Draw circle lines.
Draw circle lines. Add balloons to the strings.
• Remind children that all letters and numerals are made with just four different kinds of lines. What three kinds of lines have we already talked about and practiced? (vertical, horizontal, and slanted lines)
• Call children’s attention to the title and read it aloud. Explain that circle lines are different from the other lines we’ve learned because they are round. Circle lines that
are used to make letters and numerals can go forward or backward. Demonstrate forward and backward circle lines by extending your arm and pointer finger and drawing forward circles (clockwise) and backward circles (counterclockwise). Demonstrate with your back to the class and introduce
one at a time. Then have children demonstrate forward and backward circles as you circulate and check their understanding.
• Have children point out things in the classroom that are circle-shaped. Then discuss things children have drawn that have circle lines. (Sun, balloon, ball)
• Read aloud the directions above the green circles in the student book.
• Remind children of the correct writing position and pencil grip, and have them draw a forward circle and a backward circle, following the direction of the red arrow and beginning at the top of each circle.
• Continue by reading the directions above the balloons. Confirm that the first two balloons are made with forward circles, and have children draw them, reminding them to begin at the green dots.
• Follow the same procedure and have children draw backward circles to complete the last two balloons.
Time Out to Evaluate
Ask children to consider the following questions to evaluate their formation.
Were your feet flat on the floor?
Were you sitting straight with your back against the back of the chair?
Are your circle lines round?
OT Connection
Draw for Me Rhyme
Practice circle lines by using the following rhyme with teacher modeling and children repeating.
Draw a circle line.
(Teacher models drawing a forward or backward circle line beginning at the top.)
Draw a circle line.
(Children draw a circle line.)
Start at the top. (Teacher models again.)
Start at the top. (Children repeat.)
Round as a ball. (Teacher models again.)
Round as a ball. (Children repeat.)
Draw a circle line, draw a circle line.
(Teacher models drawing a circle line beginning at the top.)
Draw a circle line, draw a circle line. (Children repeat.)
Just for me. (Teacher)
Just for me. (Children)
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