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 Time to Show Off
Use your best handwriting.
 Write your name.
    Write some letters.
    Write some numerals.
• Explain to children that you are interested in seeing their best handwriting. Ask them to raise the hand they write with.
• Read aloud the title and the directions as children follow along.
• Ask children to pick up a pencil and hold it in their writing hand so that they are ready to write. At this age, some children may not have achieved hand dominance. (See Literacy Connection on page 13.) Circulate and observe how children grip their pencils. Don’t correct their grips at this time, but note those children who will need extra attention with their grip.
• Callchildren’sattentiontothefirstbox,theorangeone.Read aloud the directions as children follow along. Ask children to write as much of their name as they can.
• Continue by reading the directions and having children write letters in the green box. Encourage them to write words, if they can. Then follow the same procedure for numerals in the purple box. As children write, circulate and notice letter formation, both good habits and bad.
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