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  Color Words
Write the color words.
    red blue
     yellow green
     Circle your favorite color.
• Read aloud the title. Explain that children will be using what they’ve learned to write color words.
• Read the directions as children follow along.
• Read the color words together. Which color word ends like said? (red) Which color word starts like block? (blue) Which color word has more than one syllable? (yellow) Which color word rhymes with seen? Which color means go? (green) Which means stop? (red) Which color means “get ready to stop”? (yellow) Which color is made by mixing yellow and blue? (green)
• Have children take their pencils and hold them in the air, showing you the correct three-finger grip. Remind them that they should be sitting up straight with their arms resting on their desks and their feet flat on the floor.
• Have children write the color words on the blanks below the models.
• Circulate and evaluate children’s strengths and weaknesses.
• When children have completed the page, read Letterman’s self-evaluation prompt together and have them follow his directions.
Time Out to Evaluate
Ask children to consider the following questions to evaluate their handwriting.
Do your color words look like the models? Does the y in yellow go below the baseline? Does the g in green go below the baseline? Is there space between your letters?
Literacy Connection
Provide children writing paper and have them practice writing the color words using crayons that match the color of the word. You could also provide lined sentence strips cut into appropriate lengths and have children write the color words on separate cards with the matching colored crayon. Then create a display of color words on a classroom wall or bulletin board.
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