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  Rhyming Words
Write the words that rhyme. Use the words in the box.
   can win sat bad not men hop pet
ten pop
 hat pin
 hot van
• Read aloud the title. Explain that children will be using what they’ve learned to write rhyming words.
• Read the directions as children follow along.
• Read the words in the Word Box together. Ask children to
point to each word as you read it aloud.
• Have children take their pencils and hold them in the air, showing you the correct three-finger grip. Remind them that they should be sitting up straight with their arms resting on their desks and their feet flat on the floor.
• Ask a volunteer to read the first word, ten. Challenge children to find the rhyming word in the Word Box. Confirm men as the rhyming word and have children write it in the blank next to ten.
• Have children complete the page. You may want to arrange children in pairs to complete the page.
• Once children have finished, read the pairs of rhyming words. If appropriate, ask children to suggest other rhyming words for each pair.
Time Out to Evaluate
Ask children to consider the following questions to evaluate their handwriting.
Are your words easy to read?
Is there space between your letters?
Literacy Connection
Use the words in the Word Box and create lists of rhyming words for all to see and read.
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