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2. Abdul has only one line of dialog in this excerpt. How does the narration Develop Skills
help the give the reader a sense of his character’s attitude and how he thinks? Give Examples
Apply learning objectives, synthesize evidence, and practice using a variety of items, organizers,
and writing prompts.
We see more than just basic description and explanation. We also
see interpretation of Abdul’s attitude. We see Abdul is cynical when
we read in line 9 :”Abdul’s opinion about this plan had not been
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    Discussion Questions
Directions: Answer each of the following questions and share them with your classmates.
1. This passage is written in the third-person point of view. Analyze the narration more deeply, noting whether it is omniscient (following all characters) or limited (adhering closely to one character). Give Examples.
  The author wrote this text in 3rd person limited. We only see Abdul’s perspective in the story. In line 10, the author writes “Already he was
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     Robert Methven 3 I think Jesse brings up a good
point. I agree with this historical context.
Like • Reply 2d Jesse Deming
   That’s the quote I found Robert. Like • Reply 1d
  mule-brained with panic”. This shows Abdul’s feelings and thoughts.
PARTICIPATE in dynamic, inclusive discussions both online and in small groups.
SHARE ideas and perspectives based on meaningful, text-based questions.
TRACK and grade participation in real time.
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2: The Story of My Life by Helen Keller (autobiography) 2 of 7: Using Context Clues
solicited typically.”
Speak and Listen
 After answering the questions, discuss your responses with a partner. Based on your discussion, rvisit your responses and make any appropriate changes.
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2. improvis
  Using Context Clues
Fill in the form for each of the Master Words listed below with context clues (if any), your definition, and the dictionary definition. If you have difficulty writing a definition, try using the word in a sentence instead.
Master Words
1. eminent (adj.)
Dictionary Definition: well known; famous
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