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Grounded in Learning Science
While most middle and high school students have achieved automaticity in word recognition, many lag significantly behind in language comprehension. Research-based Connections: English Language Arts focuses on closing this language comprehension gap through scaffolded learning tasks using complex texts.
Close reading and targeted skills instruction with scaffolded support is at the heart of the instructional design of Connections: English Language Arts. As students read, discuss, analyze, and respond to these on-level, high-interest texts, they learn step by step how to unlock meaning in great literature.
Through multiple reads, students use skilled reading strategies to move from the “what” of the literary piece (main ideas, details), to the “how” (author’s craft), and the “why” (author’s purpose).
Supporting the Needs of All Students
Student support using Immersive Reader within the interactive editions, Collaboration Walls, and built-in graphic organizers ensure students of all abilities can comprehend the text, engage in discussions, and extract and apply evidence from the text.
  Interpretation of The Reading Rope created by Dr. Hollis Scarborough in 2001. Designed for Success
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