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Step-by-Step Standards-Based Lesson Structure
 Each of the text-based lessons in a chapter focuses on a key standard.
Unit—Essential Question
Chapter Focus—Literary Element
Preview Concepts       Make Connections
• Complex texts
The point of the questions is to guide students to think about the text in effective ways.
—Tim Shanahan,
   Activities to engage students, develop context, and introduce academic vocabulary.
  Reading Passage/Text • Range of genres
• Grade-level appropriate Lexile levels
      Close Reading
Unpacking the standards and scaffolded instruction— develop proficiency and skilled readers—Students focus on a key skill standard as they read and respond to the text.
Establish Purpose
   Respond & Share
Close Reading Process
Develop Questions
   Focus 1
Focus 2
Focus 3
Skill/Standard 1— Skill Check
Skill/Standard 2— Skill Check
Skill/Standard 3— Skill Check
Analyze & Discover Evaluate Evidence
     Language Evaluation
Explore the writer's use of language in the selection.
• Project-Based Assessments
• On Your Own: Integrating Ideas
• Connect to Testing
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